Ms Hood – Dawn of the Unread Chapter 10


It’s 8 December 2014 and my chapter for Dawn of the Unread just went live. It’s been an interesting and challenging process and I’ve enjoyed collaborating with the artist, Amanda Elanor Tribble. As well as the graphic story, there are embedded essays and videos that engage with different aspects of the story – I especially like the video of ‘The Real Robin Hood’ (click on the star on page 8) and of Amanda discussing her work at the end of the chapter.

Dawn of the Unread is an online graphic novel devised by James Walker to promote libraries and reading, with at least 24 artists and writers working on the project in pairs. My character, Ms Hood, is a fictional contemporary character based on Maid Marian and inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s collection, The World’s Wife. Growing up on a rough estate in Nottingham, Ms Hood’s desire for success brings her into conflict with friend and childhood sweetheart Rob ‘Hoodie’, an ex-soldier turned protester. As the narrator of the tale, she charts her journey to becoming ‘Ms Hood’, suggesting that anyone who stands up for social justice can be ‘Hood’ and that the issues encapsulated in the Robin Hood legend are as relevant today as they were in Medieval times.