Babes in the Hood: Aly Stoneman

Dawn of the Unread

Aly Stoneman is the Poetry Editor of LeftLion magazine and author of Lost Lands. Here she talks about her collaboration with Amanda Tribble for issue 10: Ms.Hood

This is your first comic. How did you find it?
It’s been a really interesting process. I’ve collaborated with artists before – Steve Larder provided the illustrations for my pamphlet Lost Lands, for example – but creating Ms Hood posed different challenges. Amanda Tribble (the artist) is studying in Lincoln, so we only met up once in person, towards the end. The rest of the time we collaborated through email, ‘phone and Skype. I sent the initial poem text over to Amanda and then she created the first ‘roughs’ with text boxes and shared them with me on Google Drive so I could see the suggested layout. I had a look and sent back comments and suggested tweaks (both to the layout and my…

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