Ms Hood Dawn of the Unread

Ms Hood Chapter 10, Dawn of the Unread, award-winning  interactive graphic novel. dawnoftheunread.com/issue-10-01.html Read

The Levels (The Levels, Weymouth Sculpture Trail, 2021) Read

In the Forest’s Heartwood (Nottingham UNESCO CoL commission, 2020) Read

The Poacher (Under The Radar, 2018) Read

Between (Mud Press anthology, 2017) Read

Green’s Mill (EMHA, 2017 commission) Read

Windfalls winning poem in the Buxton Poetry Competition, 2015. Read

Lost Lands (poem) Lost Lands (Crystal Clear Creators, 2012) Read

Raryfy (poem) commissioned by Writing East Midlands for World Event Young Artists festival 2012 Read

The Block (Short Fiction) Published in Leap Anthology (Launderette Books, 2008)
We sit down at the folding table in the kitchen and my father pours Yorkshire tea from a peach coloured teapot. He pushes a jar of honey towards me to sweeten the tea and I wonder if he really welcomes these visits, or sees them as an intrusion… Read more

LeftLion Magazine – Articles, Interviews, Reviews (in my role as Poetry Editor) and Noshingham Read